Our Cattery

Luxury cat accommodation

Comfort for your cat, peace of mind for you

  • The cattery is peaceful, airy and secure, with lots of natural light, thus providing a very relaxing environment.
  • Each apartment comprises a large exercise area and a separate bedroom with a thermostatically controlled heated bed to snuggle up in. There is lots of room for any toys that your cat particularly enjoys playing with, and we recommend that you bring some bedding with familiar smells of home on.
  • We are open all year. Arrival and collection times are arranged to suit you.
  • As far as possible, we will feed your cat, as it is fed at home. However, some foods, especially veterinary prescription diets will have to be provided by the owner.
  • Each cat must have an up to date vaccination certificate for Feline Influenza and Feline Enteritis.
  • We are happy to administer medication prescribed by your vet at no extra charge.
  • The cattery is fully licensed by Aylesbury Vale District Council.
  • Fully insured
  • Inspection welcomed.