All your questions answered
  • Is your cattery outside?

    No, our cattery is housed in a converted barn and can accommodate 27 cats at any one time.

  • What if my cat escapes from her cage?

    As the cattery is housed in a barn which has doors which are closed at all times, your cat can’t escape outside.

  • Is the barn temperature controlled?

    The barn is well ventilated and each cat apartment includes a heated bed

  • Can my cat see outside?

    The barn has windows and glazed doors so your cat can see outside if they wish from their apartment.

  • Can my cat have her own bed and bring some favourite toys?

    Definitely! We recommend that you bring your cat’s favourite bed, especially as it will have some familiar smells of home on it. There is plenty of room for your cat to play with any toys that they may want to bring.

  • What happens if my cat is off colour?

    If I am concerned that your cat does not appear to be his normal self, I will contact your vet and follow their advice, which may involve a visit to the practice. I will also contact you and keep you updated. Any treatment provided by the vet will be at your expense.

  • Are you open all year?

    Yes, we are open 365 days a year

  • Are you insured?

    We have full public liability insurance.

  • Do you house other animals as well?

    No. We are only a cattery and don’t provide boarding for dogs or small pets.

  • My cat is on a special diet, will you cater for their dietary requirements?

    Special dietary needs can be catered for, you may have to supply your cat’s food.

  • Are you able to administer medication to my cat?

    I am happy to give or apply any medication that has been prescribed by your vet at no extra charge. Please ensure that you bring enough of the prescription to cover the duration of your booking.

  • Will you groom my cat?

    If your cat enjoys being brushed, we are very happy to do so.